Office of the Regional Administrator

Name of the Regional AdministratorThiru. S. Manickadeepan

AddressOffice of the Regional Administrator
Government House
PIN – 673310.

Phone0490 2332222, 0490 2332960
Fax0490 2336700


The Regional Administrator, Mahe is the Administrative Head of Mahe Region. He co-ordinates, controls and liaise with all Government Offices in Mahe region to render efficient, effective & transparent service to the public of the region.

He holds the charge of Deputy Collector (Revenue), Sub Divisional Magistrate, Deputy Commissioner (Excise), Electoral Registration Officer, Land Acquisition Officer, Deputy Secretary-Regional Transport Authority, Chairman-Mahe Planning Authority, Authorised officer-Mahe Municipality, District Child Protection Officer, General Manager PRTC/PTDC, Chairman-NRHM Local management committee, Chairman-RGAMC / Kendriya Vidhyala / Jawahar Navodhya Vidhyalaya / PECC / Indoor stadium Management Committee.

He also discharges duty as the Chairman of Local Level Committee of National Trust, Government of India and issue Legal Guardianship Certificate to the guardian of persons with Cerebral Palsy and multiple disabilities

Regional Administrator is the Head of Office for the following departments/offices:

    1. Office of the Regional Administrator
    2. Department of Revenue and Disaster Management (O/o DCR, Sub Taluk office, & O/o Sub registrar)
    3. Department of Transport
    4. Department of Tourism
    5. Department of Civil Supplies
    6. Department of Information and Publicity
    7. Department of Social Welfare
    8. Department of Women and Child welfare
    9. Department of Labour (Employment exchange, RLWC, O/o AIL)
    10. Office of the BDO
    11. Fire station, Mahe
    12. Government Press
    13. District Industries Centre
    14. Election wing Mahe.

The Regional Administrator also functions as head of office in the absence of other head of office in Mahe region


  • Mahe declared as a Hut Free region in the Puducherry Legislative assembly.
  • Mahe declared as Open Defecation free (ODF) region and it was certified as ODF from 28th March 2017 and subsequently renewed on 10.02.2018 by the Quality Council of India, a third party audit institution engaged under Govt of India’s Swachh Bharat Mission.
  • Mahe awarded as the Cleanest District by Hon’ble Vice President of India at the Safaigiri-2017 awards function organised by the India Today group.


  • Issue of expenditure sanction up to Rs.75.00 lakh in terms of the G.O.Ms. No. 47/F3/2014, dated 9.12.2014 of Finance Department, Puducherry.
  • Issue of sanctions for advance from GPF to Group “B”,“C” & “D” category staff of the region under the powers of the Head of Office.


  • Improve/review/implementation of various schemes by various departments/offices functioning in the region
  • Preparation of new proposals/review of the existing projects/monitoring the various developmental activities/ schemes.
  • Arranging various Cultural events to promote tourism potential of the region.


  • Every Friday, public grievances are redressed by Hon’ble Lieutenant Governor through Video Conferencing Facility in the presence of the Regional Administrator.
  • Being the head of Mahe region, Regional Administrator is responsible for the redressal of public grievances, addressing the grievances by all means with the assistance of various head of offices or through the head of offices concerned.
  • Further all online grievances reported through Central/State grievances portal, pertaining to Mahe are also disposed of by the Office of the Regional Administrator.


  • Hosting & providing hospitality to the VVIP and other dignitaries visiting Mahe. Co-ordinating/conducting various functions of National importance like Independence day/Republic day/Liberation Day etc.
  • Registration for extension of visa to Foreign Nationals/Police Enquiry/ and Forwarding of Verified documents to Home Department etc.
  • Legalisation of various government documents, submitted by the applicants, for the purpose of authenticating the same before foreign embassies.
  • Distribution of Gift Coupons/financial assistance granted to Ex-servicemen by the Department of Sainik Welfare, Puducherry.
  • Arranging financial Assistance for funeral of Ex-Service men/widow of Ex-Service men.
  • Selection of candidates for the admission to UG/PG courses towards the seats reserved for Kerala students in Mahatma Gandhi Govt Arts College, Mahe and seats reserved for Mahe students in the colleges in Kerala state under reciprocal agreement with Kerala Government.
  • Supervision of various competitive exams and Departmental tests conducted by the Government of Puducherry.
  • Arranging various training programmes for the employees of Government of Puducherry.
  • Supervision of Law and order activities during political/communal agitations.
  • As the Head of office of Information Dept, arranging for release of advertisements in local dailies in Mahe region.
  • Celebration of National festivals and observance of birth and death anniversaries.

Roll of Administrator/ Regional Executive Officers/ Regional Administrators of Mahe

Sri. IK Kumaran.
First Administrator of Mahe (from 16-07-1954 to 31-10-1954)


Sl.No Name Period(From) Period(To)
2 Sri. JEJURIKKAR 01-11-1954 26-12-1954
3 Sri. C. S. SESHADRI, I.A.S 27-12-1954 27-01-1956
3 Sri. ACHUTHAN NAIR 28-01-1956 01-07-1957
4 Sri. G. P. MATHUR 02-07-1957 07-09-1958
6 Sri. S. BARKATAKI, I.A.S 08-09-1958 21-08-1960
7 Sri. C. RAMOU 22-08-1960 21-10-1960
8 Sri. NARASING RAO KALLURKAR 09-11-1960 31-05-1967
9 Sri. P. L. SAMY 09-06-1967 03-06-1969
10 Sri. V. KRISHNAMURTHY 04-07-1969 08-01-1970
11 Sri. E. PURUSHOTHAMAN 09-01-1970 08-08-1972
12 Sri. PRODIPTO GOSH, I.A.S 09-08-1972 07-06-1973
13 Sri. C. A. BALARAMASOUNARIN 15-06-1973 20-07-1973
14 Sri. S. MALAICHAMY, I.A.S 21-07-1973 26-11-1974
15 Sri. S. JOSEPH BASIL 27-11-1974 11-11-1975
16 Sri. R. RAGHURAMAN 12-11-1975 30-06-1977
17 Sri. C. A. BALARAMASOUNARIN 01-07-1977 21-08-1977
18 Sri. D. S. NEGI, I.A.S 22-08-1977 09-07-1979
19 Sri. V. MAHENDROO, I.A.S 10-07-1979 14-04-1980
20 Sri. K. RAMACHANDRAN 05-05-1980 21-09-1980
21 Sri. C. RAGHAVAN, I.A.S 22-09-1980 20-05-1981
22 Sri. MURUGABOOPATHY 21-05-1981 01-07-1981
23 Sri. UDDIPTA RAY 02-07-1981 05-11-1981
24 Sri. P. MATHEVAN PILLAI 24-12-1981 08-09-1982
25 Sri. K. RAMACHANDRAN 09-09-1982 17-06-1984
26 Sri. A. P. PADMANABHAN 18-06-1984 11-12-1988
27 Sri. K. M. PURUSHOTHAMAN 12-12-1988 22-03-1991
28 Sri. S. M. KHANNA JI 22-03-1991 05-03-1992
29 Sri. G. RAGESH CHANDRA 06-03-1992 06-02-1994


Sl.No Name Period(From) Period(To)
1 Sri. G. RAGESH CHANDRA 07-02-1994 28-06-1994
2 Sri. C. P. JAYARAJAN 11-07-1994 14-06-1995
3 Dr. S. SUNDARAVADIVELU 15-06-1995 21-01-1997
4 Sri. C. KANNIAPPAN 22-01-1997 11-09-1998
5 Sri. A. ANBARASU, I.A.S 12-09-1998 28-11-1999
6 Dr. L. KUMAR 29-11-1999 30-05-2000
7 Sri. K. MANJUNATHAN 11-07-2000 10-04-2002


Sl.No Name Period(From) Period(To)
1 Sri. K. MANJUNATHAN 11-04-2002 31-05-2002
2 Sri. A. KULLAN 01-06-2002 26-07-2004
3 Sri. KRISHNA KUMAR SINGH 26-07-2004 10-08-2006
4 Sri. M.V. V. SATYANARAYANA 14-08-2006 31-05-2007
5 Sri. K. SURYANARAYANAMURTHY 111-06-2007 11-02-2009
8 Sri. J. ASHOK KUMAR, I.A.S 02-09-2011 10-02-2012
9 Sri. R. ARUNACHALAM 12-02-2012 31-05-2013
10 Sri. R. MOUNISSAMY 05-06-2013 22-08-2014
11 Sri. MANGALATTE DINESH 26-08-2014 14-02-2016
12 Sri. S. MANICKADEEPAN 15-02-2016 Till Date