Title Date Description Address Download/Link
School Education -Application For Pre-Matric Scholarships 16/04/2018 Download(282 KB)
Public Works Department- Application for Water Connection 16/04/2018 Download(19 KB)
Labour- Application for Registration of Establishment employing Contract Labour 16/04/2018 Download(52 KB)
Labour- Application for registration of establishments employing building workers 16/04/2018 Download(56 KB)
Labour- Form for Apprenticeship Training Scheme 16/04/2018 Download(60 KB)
ELECTRICITY -Application For Temporary Service Connection 16/04/2018 Download(44 KB)
Electricity- Application for HT New Connection 16/04/2018 Download(314 KB)
Electricity -Application for Transfer of LT service connection 16/04/2018 Download(36 KB)
Electricity – Application for LT New Connection 16/04/2018 Download(584 KB)
Civil Supplies – Application for Free Rice for APL (Yellow) Ration Card Holders 16/04/2018 Download(133 KB)