Electricity Department, Mahe is the licensee for the transmission and distribution of Electric power to the various consumers in Mahe area. Mahe region is having one No. of 110/11KV Substation which commissioned by October, 1989 with 2 Nos. of 10 MVA capacity power transformer and power is supplied to the entire area through 11 KV H.T. feeders from this Substation. The power is obtained from the central pool allocation for U.T. of Puducherry.

Electricity Department, Mahe Sub-division consists of two O&M sections and One No. 110 KV substation under the control of Assistant Engineer. The main function of this department is to extend supply to new consumer and maintain supply to the existing consumers. Providing of new street light and maintaining of existing street light are also carried out by this department. Computerised current consumption charge bills have been implemented by this Sub-division.

# Category No. of Connections
1 Domestic (A2) 9462
2 Comercial (A1) 3012
3 L.T Industries 85
4 H.T Industries 3
5 Agricultural Nil
6 OHOB 24

Supply of Electricity and realisation of current consumption charges are carried out by Plan schemes besides street lights.
The following plan schemes are being carried out by this department every year for the benefit of the people of Mahe region.

  • II categories of consumers and street lights.
  • Extension of power supply to Agriculture, Domestic and Commercial services (A.D.C).
  • System Improvement and T & D losses.
  • 100% Metering programme.
  • Extension of power supply to various consumers under “K Deposit” Works.

Other General Informations

  1. Total length of H.T. line (11 KV) available in Mahe region
  2. Total length of L.T. line available in Mahe region
  3. Total Nos. of distribution transformers
  4. Total Nos. of High mast light
  5. Total Nos. of low mast light