History of Mahe

On examination of the history of Kerala no concrete evidence is available mentioning the place ‘Mahe’ other wise called by the natives “Mayyazhi”. It is only after the settlement of the French, the name Mahe (Mayyazhi) got a place in the geographical map of India.

The history of The French in Mahe started in 1721. when the British establishes its Empire on the west coast, The French inspired by it to establish their dominion in Mahe. Their first location in kerala was Thalassery. But then they chosen mahe as their secure headquarter against British. during that period mahe was under the reign of ‘Vadakara Vazhunnore’ and he was known by ‘King of Kadathanadu’ and was under the control of ‘Kolathiri’ till 7th centuary. The French built up their fort at Thalassery in 1670 with the support from Chirackal King and The ‘Thalassery Naduvazhi’ Shri. Kurangoth Nair. Even though having support from local rulers, they couldn’t fight over British east India Company. And then in 1702, they built at storeroom at Punnol. Due to the failure at Punnool, in 1721 they forced to relocate at Mahe

The French representative Mallanthon, who reached Mahe by Seng Lui Ship was welcomed by then ruler “Vadakara Vazhunnor “ and they built their first fort named St.George at Cherukkalai in 1739 and a storeroom was built with his permission. In 1769 they had completed another large fort “Fort Mahe“. This fort was destroyed during the war against British and the remnants of this fort still found in “Malyammel Parambu”. Besides those they built forts Dufan and Kanthe at Mahe.

As per the agreement between The French and Vazhunnor of Mahe, the Mahe vazhunnor was responsible to sale the entire pepper production from kadathnad to The French company only. But this agreement was not accepted by British East India Company, the British argued that the land hold by The French from Vazhunnor would not comes under the reign of “Vazhunnor”, rather it was the property of Kolathiri and he had already handed over the right on this land to them. “Kolathiri” also supported this argument. The Britshers make a new agreement with Mahe Vazhunnor with the support from “Kolathiri ” and both of them signed on new deal on 17th February 1725. This new deal was a violation of the previous agreement with The French. Because of this violation of Agreement, The French started war against Vazhunnor and conquered Mahe. As a result, the British East India Company and The French got in harmony and make new covenants in between them on mutual corporation. On 9th March 1728 both The French and British have make mutual understanding and they managed to control the price of pepper, hence continued their trade in Mahe.

Due to the impact of the The French-English War 1761, then British Commandant Thomas Hodge demanded The French to surrender and The French agreed with some terms and conditions. By the implementation of Paris Peace Agreement 1763, The French retain Mahe. But in 1779 British again conquered Mahe from The French. In 1817, The French captured back Mahe. By the time the entire Malabar region was under the control of British, hence The French enforced to rule Mahe with certain limitations.

Milestones of Mahe Independence Movement

  • 13th January 1934
  • 1934
  • 1935
  • 1938
  • 10th October1948
  • 21st October1948
  • 22nd October 1948
  • 26th October 1948
  • 28th October 1948
  • 29th October 1948
  • 31st October 1948
  • 1948
  • 2nd April 1954
  • 9th April 1954
  • 11th April 1954
  • 26th April 1954
  • 1st May 1954
  • 8th May 1954
  • 5th June 1954
  • 18th June 1954
  • 5th July 1954
  • 6th July 1954
  • 7th July 1954
  • 14th July 1954
  • 16th July 1954


Elected from Mahe and Palloor Assembly Constituency

Sl.No Year of Assembly Election/Tenure Mahe Constituency Palloor Constituency
1 1964
Valavil Keshavan – Congress Vanmeri Nadeyi Purushothaman – Congress
2 1969
Irayi Kunnathedathi Kumaran – Independent Vanmeri Nadeyi Purushothaman – INC
3 1974
Kunnummal Raghavan – CPI(M) Vanmeri Nadeyi Purushothaman – INC
4 1977
K. V. Raghavan – Independent T.K. Chandrasekaran – Independent
5 1980
K. V. Raghavan – CPI(M) N. K. Sachindranath – INC(I)
6 1985
P. K. Sathyananthan – INC A. V. Sreedharan – INC
7 1990
E. Valsaraj – INC A. V. Sreedharan – INC
8 1991
E. Valsaraj – INC A. V. Sreedharan – INC
9 1996
E. Valsaraj – INC A. V. Sreedharan – INC
10 2001
E. Valsaraj – INC A. V. Sreedharan – INC
11 2006
E. Valsaraj – INC A. V. Sreedharan – INC
12 2011
E. Valsaraj – INC Palloor Constituency was merged with Mahe Constituency after delimitation.
13 2016
2016 -2021
Dr. V. Ramachandran – Independent