Mahe, one of the region of Union Territory of Puducherry, has a coastal line of 1.3 Kms. (approx.) endowed with rich Marine Fisheries potential. It has a fishermen population of 5325 comprising of 640 families in three Marine fishing Hamlets viz., Parakkal, Poozhithala, & Valavil. Nearly 17 Nos. of Mechanised Fishing Boats and 95 Nos. of Motorised FRP Vallams are in operation in the coast at present. Since the fishermen still remains one of the weakest section of the society living below poverty line. The Department of Fisheries & Fishermen Welfare, Mahe is formulating and implementing various developmental State and Central plan schemes to elevate the socio economic status of marine fisher folks in this region and also to increase Marine fish production.

Fishing sea shore



1.Development of Freshwater Aquaculture, Setting up of Aquarium and Ornamental fish breeding Centre:

This Scheme aims to propagate the importance of Aquarium keeping and to indicate the art of aquarium keeping among the general public

2.Development of Marine Fisheries through Mechanisation and Re imbursement of Sale tax on HSD oil and Assistance to Small Scale Fishermen

a) Assistance to Small Scale Fishermen

This Scheme component aims to render financial assistance to Small Scale and Marginal Scale Fishermen with 50% subsidy for the procurement of FRP Vallam with Nets, subject to a maximum of Rs.1.00 lakh per unit (Total unit cost is Rs.2.00 lakhs).

b) Reimbursement of Sale Tax on HSD Oil :-

With a view to minimise the cost involved in procurement of diesel for fishing operation, this department is reimbursing the entire Sales Tax to the mechanised boat owners. The maximum quantity of diesel for spot subsidy is increased to 36,000 litres per annum (previously 25,000 litres per annum) from the year 2016-17 onwards.

c) Re-activation charges of Wooden and FRP Mechanised Boat :-

In order to undertake repair and maintenance works to the mechanised fishing boats during fishing ban period, this department is granting reactivation charges @ Rs. 20,000/- and Rs. 10,000/- to the Wooden Mechanised and FRP boats respectively.

d) Re-imbursement of Insurance subsidy to mechanised fishing boats: –

This scheme component to reimbursed 75 % amount of annual insurance premium towards the mechanised fishing boats

3. Extension & Training, Information and Publicity and training of Fishermen and Fisheries personnel :-

a) Training of Fishermen & Fisherwomen :-

The aim of this Scheme is to create awareness among the fishermen, Fisherwomen and Fisheries personnel on the latest technologies on capture and culture fisheries. The fisherwomen are being imparted short term Training on post-harvest technologies/ornamental fish keeping and setting up of Aquarium etc.

b) Cash awards to Meritorious Fishermen students :-

This Scheme is also granting cash award to fishermen community students who have secured 75% and above marks in SSLC and HSc Examinations @ Rs.5, 000/- and Rs. 7,000/- respectively.

4. Strengthening of Fisheries Co op. Institutions and supply of Fishery Requisites to Fishermen :-

a) Strengthening of Fisheries Co-op. Institutions :-

This scheme aims to strengthen the functioning of Fishermen/Fisherwomen co-op. Societies by granting Share Capital, Long Term Loan, Medium Term Loan, Working Capital, Furniture subsidy and Computer Subsidy etc. Mahe fishermen co-op society and Priyadharshini fisherwomen co-op society are working for the welfare of fisher folks of Mahe region.

b) Supply of Subsidised Fishery Requisites to Fishermen : –

This Scheme aims for effective and proper exploitation of vast and rich fishery resources from marine waters and to minimize the burden of the fishermen on procurement of Fishery Requisites like nylon nets, floats, sinkers, twines, fish containers etc. The fishery requisites are sold at 50% subsidised rates to the individual fishermen members through Fishermen Co-Op. Society.

5. Development of Shore based facilities, Ice plant, Service Unit, Infrastructural Facilities & Quick Transport Facilities :-

a)Ice plant cum cold storage unit :-

A Two tone capacity Ice plant-cum-Cold Storage Unit continuing its function satisfactorily by producing and selling of ice to the fishermen of Mahe region at nominal rate of Rs.26/- per ice bar of 50 Kgs. including Tax.

b)Fishermen Community Hall :-

The existing Fishermen Community Hall is catering to the needs of Fishermen/Non Fishermen and Govt. offices in Mahe region to conduct religious, Cultural, Marriage functions and Govt. functions on nominal rent basis.

c) Grant of Subsidy for the purchase of Auto goods Carrier:-

This Scheme provides 50% subsidy amount for the purchase of Auto goods Carrier for the eligible fishermen in Mahe region through Nationalised Banks.

6. Welfare and Relief for fishermen during lean season and Natural Calamities :-

This Scheme aims to extend financial assistance to fishermen during lean months, to provide relief in the form of Cash during natural calamities like cyclone, flood etc. and to compensate the loss sustained by fishermen during fishing ban period.

a. Old Age Pension to Fishermen:-

To mitigate the sufferings of old aged fisher folk, who attained the age of 50 Yrs. and above , pension is being granted in three age wise categories as mentioned below.

Age Group Amount per month (Rs)
b.Financial Assistance during Fishing Ban Period :-

To compensate the loss of livelihood during fishing ban period, fishermen families are being granted with financial assistance @ Rs. 4,000/- each per family.

c. Lean season assistance :-

During lean season, fishermen families are extended with financial assistance @ 2,500/- each per family

d) Financial Assistance to the families of deceased Fishermen /Missing Fishermen /Deceased old age pensioner :-

Immediate relief @ Rs. 2,00,000/- to the families of deceased fishermen in the event of his accidental death, financial assistance @ Rs. 1,50,000/- to the families of missing fishermen, while fishing in sea.


1. Savings-cum-Relief Scheme to Marine Fishermen :-

This Scheme aim to extend financial assistance to fishermen and to cultivate savings habit to fishermen in order to help them during lean season. Under this Scheme, a monthly subscription of Rs.100/- will be collected from the eligible fishermen for a period of 9 months thus totalling to Rs. 2,700/- are disbursed to the fishermen during lean season through fishermen/ Fisherwomen co-op societies.

boat boat boat

harbour boat boat


Sl.No Description Value
1. 1.3 Kms (Approx)
2.a. 1 (Mahe))
2.b 3 Nos. (Poozhithala, Parakkal & Valavil)
3. 640 Nos
4. 5325 Nos.
5. 1575 Nos..
6. 2445 Nos.
7. 1305 Nos.
8. 1180 Nos.
9. 17 Nos.
10. 95 Nos.
11. 1 No.
12. 1 No.
13. 1 No.
14. 1 No.
15. 1 No.((Under Construction)
16. 1 No.
17. 1 No.


Name of the Office: O/o. the Asst. Director of Fisheries & Fishermen Welfare, Mahe
Sl.No Name of the Post Sanctioned Strength Filled up Vacant Name of the incumbent Thiru/Tmt.
1. 1 1 Nil Mary Santhi.J
2. 1 1 Nil E.P. Sivakumar
3. 1 1 Nil M. Rejeesh
4. 1 1 Nil Sandosh Kumar.K
5. 1 1 Nil L. Antoine Paul
6. 2 2 Nil K.A. Shanilkumar & K.T. Sajeevan
7. 1 Nil 1 L. Antoine Paul
8. 2 1 1 Aroon Kumar.P
9. 2 1 1 Joshin.P.P
10. 1 1 Nil C.H. Ajan
11. 1 Nil 1
12. 1 Nil 1
13. 1 Nil 1
14. 2 Nil 2
18 10 8


(Rs. in lakhs)

Sl.No Name of Scheme B.E 2017-18 R.E 2017-18 Physical Target Financial Target
1. 0.16 0.13 Nil Nil
2.a 5.05 4.23 15 Nos 2.80
2.a 5.05 4.23 17 Nos 1.42
3.a 7.95 4.12
3.b 7.95 4.12
3.a 7.95 4.12 37 Nos 2.19
4. 8.00 4.80 86 Nos 4.80
5. 6.40 3.83 3.03
6. 104.89 105.52 Around 445 Nos. 105.29