The Co-operative Department started functioning in Mahe region in the year 1961, under the control of Co-op Sub- Registrar and the full-fledged co-operative Department with Deputy Registrar of Co-operative Societies as Head of Office was established in the year 1991.

Co-operation in its essence brings people together to uplift their economic interest. The concern for community reflects very much in the organization and working of cooperative Department. The main function of Co-operative Department in Mahe region is:

  • To register various kind of Co-operative Societies and their byelaws Under the provisions of the Puducherry Co-op. Societies Act, 1972:
  • To supervise the functions of the Co-op. Societies;
  • To provide financial assistance under various plan schemes;
  • To implement the statutory provisions of the Co-operative Societies Act and the Rules framed there under: To audit the accounts and to issue audit certificates annually;
  • To decide the monetary and non-monetary disputes between members and Societies, between employees and societies and between Societies themselves;
  • To function as a Civil Court under the PCS Act 1972 and PCS rules 1973 for effecting recovery of the amounts due to the various Cooperative Societies in accordance with the principles of the Co-operation.

There are 34 Cooperative Societies in Mahe region. Of the 34 Coop. Societies, 3 are in Consumer sector, 7 Students stores, 2 for Fisheries, 1 in Handloom, 1 for Employees credit, 2 for Agricultural credit, 1 in Housing and 17 in Miscellaneous sector. The societies under miscellaneous sector include Press, Horticulture, Transport, Autorickshaw driver’s society, Information technology, Mahe Educational Co-operative Society, Mahe Labour Contract Society, Mahe Co-op Hotel and Caterers Society, Mahe Tourism Development Co-operative Society , Mahe Ex-service men Co-operative Society, The Pallur Canteen Caterers & Service Co-operative Society, Indira Gandhi Spices Coop Society, and three Woman Co-operative societies viz. Mahe Vikas Woman Cottage Industrial Co-operative Society, Mahe Vanitha Co-operative Society and one in Fisheries sector. The Education society runs Dr. Ambedkar Public School, Vanitha society runs an institute for Computer Education and Mahe Coop. center for Information Technology runs Mahe Institute of Information Technology, Mahe Co-operative College of Teacher Education and Mahe College of Higher Education.

Societies functioning in Mahe Region

(Total 34 societies functioning under co-Operative Department, Mahe)

# Name of the Society No. of Societies
I 3
1 Mahe Employees Co-operative Stores Ltd.
2 Mahe Consumers Co-operative Stores Ltd.
3 Mahe Unit of Cannanore Spinning & Weaving Mill Employees Co-op. Stores Ltd. (Dorment)
II 1
1 Mahe Handloom Weavers Co-operative Society Ltd.
1 Mahe Housing Co-operative Society Ltd.
IV 2
1 Mahe Service Co-operative Credit Society
2 Mahe Urban Coop Society
V 17
1 Vikas Women Cottage Industrial Co-operative Society
2 Mahe Transport Co-operative Society Ltd.
3 Mahe Horticultural Cooperative Society Ltd.
4 Mahe Vanitha Cooperative Society Ltd.
5 Mahe Education Cooperative Society Ltd.
6 Mahe Coop Centre for Information Technology Society Ltd.
7 Mahe Autorikshaw Drivers Co-op SocietyLtd., (Dorment)
8 Mahe Industrial Cooperative Printing Press Ltd.
9 Mahe Labour Contract Cooperative Society Ltd.
10 Mahe Coop Hotel & Caterers Society Ltd. (Dorment)
11 Mahe Tourism Development Coop Society Ltd
12 Mahe Ex -Servicemen Coop Society Ltd.
13 Indira Gandhi Spices Coop Society (Dorment)
14 Pallor Canteen , Caterers & Service Co-operative society
15 Mahe Coop Hospital Society
16 Pondicherry Industrial Coop Socy for New & Renewable Energy
17 Mahe Baking & Confectionery Co-op. Society.
VI 2
1 Mahe Fishermen Co-operative Society Ltd.
2 Priyadarshini Fisherwomen Co-operative Society Ltd.
1 Mahe Public Servants Co-operative Credit Society
1 MGGA Collage Students Co-operative Stores
2 JNGHSS Students Co-operative Stores, Mahe
3 CEBGHSS Students Co-operative Stores, Mahe
4 GHSS Students Co-operative Stores, Palloor
5 GGHS Students Co-operative Stores, Palloor
6 GHSS Students Co-operative Stores, Pandakkal
7 Rajiv Gandhi Ayurveda Medical College Students Coop Stores



There are 3 Consumer Co-operative Stores in this region viz. Mahe Employees Co-operative Stores, Mahe Consumers Co-operative Stores and Mahe Unit of Cannanore Spinning & Weaving Mill Employees Co-operative Stores.

  1. The Mahe Employees Co-operative Stores, started functioning from 1956 is having 14 fare price shop, 1 household section, 1 textile section and one Hot & Cool . The Society is having its own building in Mahe, a vehicle (mini lorry) for supply of commodities to all branches and 5 cents of land at Palloor. The Society with 1458 members is providing employment opportunity to 27 employees. The store also supplies Diet and Non –Diet articles to Education Institutions under Mid- day meal scheme.
  2. The Mahe Consumers Co-operative Stores with four fare price shops is also engaged in the distribution of controlled items and running Grocery outlets in and around Mahe region. The Society with 821 members is providing employment opportunity to 12 employees.
  3. The Mahe unit of Cannanore Spinning & Weaving Mill Employees Co-operative Store is the third society under Consumer Sector which is dormant for the past few years


  1. The Mahe Handloom Weavers Co-operative Society having 23 looms is producing handloom textiles in the work shed attached to the society and also by granting looms to weaver members under handloom development scheme from 1977. The society having 167 members is providing employment opportunity to 1 employee and 23 working members. A number of welfare schemes such as the rainy season subsidy, thrift deposits, Medical reimbursement under E.S.I, Holiday wages etc. are provided to the members through Govt. Assistance. The marketing of the finished goods is made through the Pondicherry State Cooperative Weavers Society.


  1. Under Housing sector only one society is functioning in this region since 1962. To meet the housing needs of the people, the society is providing loans to the members for the construction of houses, maintenance and repairs and purchase of ready build house at reasonable rate of interest in collaboration with LIC and Pondicherry State Co-operative Housing Federation. The society is having 660 members and providing employment opportunities to 3 employees.


  1. Mahe Service Cooperative Credit Society
    As like as primary agriculture co-operative Credit Society, the Mahe Service Co-operative Credit Society is one of the prestigious society functioning in this region since 1994. At present this bank has 7 branches including two evening branches, one in Mahe and one in Palloor. The bank is managed by an elected committee. The total number of members is 176 and the staff strength is 48 .The bank is running on profit since its inception. The main branch is functioning in its own building. The bank provides loan and advance in the following sectors.

    1. Jewel loan
    2. Employees medium term loan
    3. Out board motor loan and
    4. Land mortgage loan
    5. Day Deposit Loan
    6. Fixed Deposit Loan
    7. Consumer Loan
    8. Special Loan
  2. Mahe Urban Co-operative Societies
    The Mahe Urban Co-operative Society is another agricultural Credit Society started functioning on 23.01.2012 at Pandakkal with110 members and providing employment to 9 employees. The society provides loans to members , such as Gold Loan, FD Loan, Employee Loan , Mortgage loan and DD Loan. During March 2016 the society started its 1st branch at Gramathy, Palloor.


  1. Vikas Women Cottage Industrial Co-operative Society
    This society is the only cottage industrial society exclusively for women functioning in this region. This society is having 87 working members providing employment opportunity to 1 employee and 8 working members. The society has been started in the year 1988 with the aim of giving employment opportunity to village women flock. The society is engaged in the production of candle sticks, umbrella and School bag and is being assisted by the Govt. by providing 20% rebate on sale of finished goods
  2. Mahe Transport Cooperative Society
    The Mahe Transport Cooperative Society being a new venture in the field of transport, has been started on 21.01.1998 with 136 members. The society is plying 4 buses to cater the needs of the people. These buses are plying in and around this region and Via Tellicherry, the neiboughring town, which is in Kerala state. The total staff strength is 12 including Technical/Non-Technical.
  3. Mahe Horticulture Co-operative Society
    The Mahe Horticulture Co-operative Society started in the year 2000 with a aim to promote kitchen gardening/Flower gardening by supplying biological fertilizers.
  4. Mahe Vanitha Co-operative Society
    The Mahe Vanitha Co-operative Society was started functioning in the year 2001. A computer centre namely Kasthurba Gandhi Co-operative Computer Centre at Palloor is functioning under the management of this society. The computer course such as web designing, Lines, C, C++ are offered to the students especially to the educated women members and the public. The institute is well equipped with sufficient numbers of computer and accessories.
  5. Mahe Education Co-operative Society
    The Mahe Education Co-operative society was started functioning in the year 2002. The society is having 104 members and is running one educational institution in the name Dr.Ambedkar Public School, the first school functioning under the co-operative banner in Pondicherry State. The classes are functioning from LKG to 10th Std. with each division/class added every year. The present student strength is 339 with Thirty two employees including teaching , Non teaching and technical. The school is at present functioning in its own multi storied building and got four mini buses for transportation of school children. The school is functioning well and competing with govt. / private schools in academic excellence.
  6. Mahe Cooperative Centre for Information Technology Ltd.,
    The Society was registered on 8th Feb. 2001 and formally started functioning on 23rd March 2001. The main objectives of the society are to provide comprehensive training in the field of Information Technology and to create employment potential. The institute is conducting various employment potential trades with the affiliation of the NCVT, New Delhi and State Council for Vocational Training, Pondicherry.
    The courses introduced are to master the students in the relevant field and to settle their career independently. The society has a B.Ed College at Mahe started during the academic year 2006-07at present functioning in its own building. The society is having 152 members and is providing employment opportunities to 22 employees. In addition to the above, the Co-operative college of Higher Education is also functioning under the said management with Under Graduate Courses such as BBA, BCA with its of own building at pallor. There is also a proposal to start MBA course during the next academic year.
  7. Mahe Industrial Co-operative Printing Press Ltd.
    Mahe Industrial Co-operative Printing Press Ltd started functioning on 11.11.1988. The society is having 253 members and providing employment opportunity to 8 employees. The press is fully equipped with all type of machineries including offset and printing was undertaken in four languages .
  8. Mahe Labour Contract Co-operative Society
    The Mahe Labour co-operative Society has started functioning from 16-8-03 onwards. The Society is provisionally enlisted as a contractor in the Class V category of the State Public Works Department, Pondicherry. The society also provides out sourcing staff to various Govt. Departments.
  9. Mahe Coop. Hotel & Caterers society
    The Mahe coop. Hotel & Caterers society, registered recently with 52 members is managed by Elected committee.
  10. Mahe Tourism Development Co-operative Society Ltd
    The Mahe Tourism Development Co-operative Society started functioning in the year 2007 with intention to promote Tourism and to create employment to educated youth. The aim of the society is to establish Tourist information centre, Travel agency, Arrange Chartered Tours, provide tourist vehicles and to arrange Eco Tourist programmes to develop awareness to the student community and general public emphasizing the need of Eco protection. The society is functioning under the management of an elected committee and has purchased one Innova car to provide the Tourist on hire basis.

  11. Mahe Ex -Servicemen Co-operative Society Ltd
    The Mahe Ex -Servicemen Co-operative Society was registered in the year 2007 to provide employment opportunities to Ex-service men. The society’s main objective is to provide security service to the General public and commercial establishments.
  12. Pallor Canteen, Caterers & Service Co-operative societies
    The Pallor Canteen, Caterers & Service Co-operative societies is started functioning at Palloor in the year 2011 with the main objective of providing hotel services and also catering unit in the entire Mahe region.
  13. The Indira Gandhi Spices Coop Society started in the year 2014 and not functioning now.
  14. The Cooperative Hospital Society was started in the year 2015. The first society in the medical field with a Polyclinic at Palloor. The society provides services like ultrasound scanning, well equipped modern lab,E.C.G, consulting with efficient doctors and a medical store outlet at reasonable rates. The society recently started one Jan Aoushadi Kendra at Mahe which helps the public to get generic medicines at cheap rate.
  15. The Pondicherry Industrial Co-operative Society for new and renewable energy,Mahe has started a retail out let by name’Repon’. The aim of society is to provide solar power to the people of Mahe region by distributing solar equipments such as solar lamps,solar water heater etc. and also to provide bio-gas plants for households.
  16. Mahe Baking and Confectionery Co-op. Society is the last society registered under Miscellaneous Sector and yet to be started functioning.


  1. Fishermen Co-operative Societies
    There are two fishermen co-operative societies functioning in this region, out of which one is exclusively for fisher women community, namely Priyadarshini Fisher women Co-operative Society. Both these societies are under the administrative control of the Fisheries Department. The Co-operative Department is only supervising the societies and conducting the audit of accounts. The main function of the society is to provide loans / subsidy to its members for the purchase of fishing materials and also introducing a numbers of welfare measures including Pension schemes and savings linked insurance cover for the economic up-liftment of the fishermen community. The supply of kerosene oil to the members for outboard fishing at controlled rate is supplied through the Priyadarshini Fisherwomen Cooperative Society. In Fishermen Co-op. Society, there are 1658 members and one employee and is managed by Administrator. The Priyadarshini Fisherwomen co-op Society is having 669 members and 3 employees and the Society is managed by an elected committee.


  1. The Mahe Public Servants Co-operative Society
    The Mahe Public Servants Co-operative Society functioning in Credit sector is issuing loans to the Govt. servants up to Rupees 6 lakh at a lower rate of interest and is running on profit since inception. Society is having 699 members and 3 employees. The society is managed by an elected committee.


  1. All together seven students’ co-operative stores are functioning in various education institution of this region including one in Mahatma Gandhi Govt. Arts College, Mahe to cater the needs of the student community by providing stationery requirements.
    Recently, the Rajiv Gandhi Ayurveda Medical College has started one students Coop Store in the year 2015 and the needs of the students are done in a very efficient manner. They are also providing canteen facility to the students as well as patients.


The Co-operative Sector in Mahe Region has recorded remarkable progress during the current financial year. Under the Miscellaneous sector two new Co-operative Societies were started functioning. Pondicherry Industrial Coop Society for New & Renewable Energy has organized public awareness programme on solar energy and bio gas from bio degradable domestic wastes campaign at Palloor and Mahe . Another society viz., Mahe Coop Hospital Society has also been started its activities recently.

During the financial year 2017-18, an amount of `.56.00 lakhs(`.25.00 lakhs-Share Capital and `.31.00 Grant in aid/subsidies) as Budget Estimate and sanction has issued only for `.11.92 lakhs as subsidies. Sanction for Share Capital Assistance has not issued this financial year (2017-18).

SCHEMES: No new scheme proposed/ implemented during the current financial year and only the under mentioned exciting scheme are still continuing.

Under this scheme financial assistance is provided by way of share capital, subsidy, credit facilities and loan-cum interest subsidy to consumer Co-operatives, Industrial Co-operatives and weaker section Co-operatives Societies functioning in this region. In order to strengthen the Co-operative sector technical and financial assistance are also provided to meet the managerial cost, rebate on sale of products and loan amount at low rate of interest for purchase of machinery to uplift the consumer sector.

Under the scheme financial assistance is provided to raise the working capital and the infrastructural facilities of the Handloom Weavers Co-operative Society functioning in this region. Under the weavers welfare scheme, financial assistance is provided to the members by way of rainy season subsidy, interest subsidy on working capital, thrift deposit scheme by contributing equal amount by the Govt. to the thrift fund, medical re-imbursement under ESI and holiday wages.

Under the scheme Housing loan is provided to the members at a reasonable rate of interest for purchase of housing plot and for construction/modification/repair of existing building.

Under the scheme, financial assistance is provided to raise the working capital and infrastructural facilities by way of share capital, subsidy, rebate, credit facilities and loan-cum interest subsidy for the production of goods to provide services to the general public.


Name of office: Office of the Deputy Registrar of Cooperative Societies , Mahe

# Designation No. of posts Vacancy
1 Deputy Registrar 1 1
2 Cooperative Officer 1 NIL
3 Senior Inspector 1 NIL
4 Junior Inspector 2 2
5 Assistant 1 NIL
6 U.D.C 1 1
7 M.T.S(General) 1 1
8 Daily rated Sani.Asst 1 NIL

9 5


Organization Chart