Places of Interest

  • azhimukham


    Azhimukham is the estuary of Mayyazhi River and Arabian Sea. This picturesque location of Mahe which flanked by blue wavy ocean and rippling Mayyazhi river. The official name of Mahe is Mayyazhi, in Malayalam it means eyebrow of Sea. In otherwords Mayyazhi means Beautiful Estuary. The small and beautiful Tagore Park is situated here. Recently the Azhimukham location has been reconstructed with a walk way nearly 2kms long through the bank of river from the estuary towards Mahe Bridge. The Govt. House (Office of the Regional Administrator) is also located at the end point of Azhimukham

  • hillock

    The Hillock (Moopenkunnu)

    The Hillock is an impressive Heritage Precinct spot. The wooded Hillock has been aesthetically designed with modern amenities while at the same time the natural beauty of the Hillock is not compromised. The Hillock has been provided with pavements to walk, park benches to rest and a restroom facility for the benefit of general public. Cast iron railings are provided for safety, especially along walkway. The Hillock houses the historic Light House and provides a vantage view point to enjoy the beauty of the Arabian Sea. The Hillock is a wonderful Sunset point from where the serene Sunset over the Arabian Sea can be relished.

  • gallery

    The Walkway

    The walkway on the banks of River Mahe is one of a kind facility where aesthetics and purpose integrate together and extends one’s mind and soul huge satisfaction. The walkway resembles a diamond necklace around the landscape of the Mahe town. The Walkway is well lit and furnished with enough park benches to relax and enjoy the beauty of Mahe River. At one end of the Walkway near the Govt. House, there is the visual portrayal of the famous Novel of the noted writer “the story teller of Mahe” Sri.M.Mukundan’s “Mayyazhi Puzhayude Theeragalil”, where the characters come alive in emphatic representations.

  • churcu

    St. Theresa’s Shrine

    The Shrine of St. Theresa of Avila at Mahe is one of the oldest Shrines in India and probably the oldest in Malabar. According to the historical document, “De Missione Mahinensi in Malabaribus Commentarius” by Rev. Father Ignatius A.S. Hippolytes, O.C.D. dated 2nd July, 1757, Rev. Father Dominic of St. John of the Cross, O.C.D. an Italian, came to Mahe and established the Mahe Mission in 1723 when King Bayanor, the Raja of Kadathanad near Badagara was the ruler. A small community of Christians grew up in this place and in 1736, the Shrine of St. Theresa was erected.

  • Puthalam

    Puthalam Temple

    Puthalam in Mahe is an ancient temple of Bhagavathi. Every year there is ‘Thirayattam’ a kind of ancient art with divinity attached to it can be seen during the month of March. Sri Puthalam Bhagavathy Temple in Mahe is a historic one. The legend of the Puthalam Bhagavathi Temple relates the events that occurred during the conflict between the French and Indian armies. Puthalam Bhagavathi Temple is popular among visitors for the festival that takes place in the first fortnight of March. The beautiful performing art form of Kerala – called the Theyyam – is enacted

  • boathouse

    The Water Sports complex, Manjakkal

    The Water Sports Complex is located on the bank of the Mahe river, encircling a rocky area at the eastern border of Mahe. From here, you can catch a wonderful panoramic view of the high rising mountains of Wayanad, the Kanakamala hill, the Railway bridge, the wide river marshlands and mangroves. Water Sports facilities include motorized boats and pedal boats.

  • muesum

    The Museum and Government House

    The Government House now has embarked upon a new scheme to bring back the historical artefacts of the bygone days and a Museum has been established in this direction. There is a new Museum which houses some of the important relics which will be an eye opener into the history of Mahe.