Disaster Management


Indian sub continent is prone to multiple hazards and highly vulnerable to both natural and man -made disasters that generally result in heavy loss of life: sometimes even leading to mass causalities. The last few decades have shown an increased frequency of disasters resulting in large number of  human casualties and huge economic losses . In case of many such disasters , human and economic losses can be  minimized to quite an extend even though they may not be totally prevented.

2. The U.T. of puducherry has a coastline of 45 KM along the Bay of Bengal and to some extend along the Arabian Sea. The Puducherry region has 24Km of coastline ,Karaikal has 20 KM stretch , Mahe has 1.5 Km and Yanam has 1 KM stretch of river bank. The U.T. of Puducherry is prone to many natural hazards like heavy rain, floods, cyclones and earth quakes. In the past, cyclones and associated storm surges have inundated vast area of land along the coastal stretches of Bay of Bengal and Arabian Sea and it is influenced by South West and North East monsoon. The heavy rain/cyclones that occur under the influence of South West monsoon sometimes cause heavy damage to life and property.

3. While not all natural calamities can be predicted and prevented, a state of preparedness and ability to respond quickly to a natural calamity can considerably mitigate loss of life and property and the human suffering and restore normalcy at the earliest. It is therefore, of paramount importance that a plan of action for dealing the contingencies that arise in the wake of disasters is formulated and periodically updated. The basic objectives of this Disaster Management Action Plan is to protect all the residents and wealth from all sorts of untoward incidents through the following objectives.


  • To prevent loss of human lives and property
  • Institutionalization of disaster management in administration
  • Encouraging a culture of disaster preparedness
  • Vulnerability reduction and disaster mitigation through better planning process
  • Creation of the best government mechanism to handle any unprecedented events
  • Instant response and effective decision making in disasters
  • Better coordination of relief and rehabilitation In the aftermath of disaster
  • Better coordination of all line departments in disaster management
  • Regular update of resource available in around the districts.


Mahe is a small area bounded on the west by Arabian Sea, on the north by the river ponniyam(Moolakkadavu) and on the other of stretch of calcerous hills of medium height which are linked to the ghats by a series of wooded hillocks. The river Mahe which flows towards the west, divides the region into two parts.

Date of formation of UT / De jure transfer 01.07.1963
Area (including all regions) 8.76 Sq. Km
Latitude 11422 To 110 432 North
Longitude 75312 To 750 332 East
Estimated Population 2018 45,000
Population Census 2011
Total Population 41816
Male 19143
Female 22673
Population Density 4773 per sq. Km
Sex Ratio 1029 females per 1000 males
Literacy Rate 97.87%
Per capita income 11677/-
Average rainfall


3375 mm
Temperature Max – 320C, Min – 220C
Climate Moderate
Time zone IST (UTC+5:30)
Language Spoken Malayalam, English & French
Road length

Road (P.W.D)

Road (Municipalities)

25.879 Km
125 Km

Content  Awaited 

Content Awaited 


Sl.No Name


Designation Phone Numbers




1. Aman Sharma Regional Administrator-cum-Dy.Collector (Revennue) 9447732720 2332222, 2333235
2. D. Vamseedhara Reddy Superintendent of Police 9447488994 2332513
3. Ashish Goyal Commissioner, Mahe Municipality 9446047233 2332233
4. Pradeep Kumar.O Executive Engineer P.W.D. 9495722344 2321273, 2332524
5. Dr. S. Premkumar Dy. Director (Health) 94400117182 2332225
6. K.K. Vimalkumar Asst. Engineer, Electricity Department 9446084289 2335666
7. Anoop.P.V Asst. Engineer, PWD 9846133368 2332524
8. V.Sudhish Civil Supplies Officer Civil Supplies Department 9895980185 2332370
9. P.Ratheeshkumar Station Officer(i/c), Fire Station 9846502541 2332500
10. E.P.Sivakumar Asst. Director of Fisheries 9744856439 2335965
11. P.Uthamaraj Chief Educational Officer, 9446264177 2332613
12. E.Flossy Manuel Dy.Director, Agricultural Department 9446335403 2334525
13. P.Angalane Motor Vehicle Inspector, Transport Department 975683001
14 Dr. S. Gandhimadi Veterinary Dispensary Animal Husbandry Dept. 9943997922 2337787
15. N.P.Ajith Kumar Deputy Tahasildar (Rev) 9746197811 2336250
16. SWO Social Welfare 2332560